Energy Efficiency

Our plan over the coming years is to install a solar system which will make us self-sufficient for power.  Until that time we try to reduce the use of power for services such as air-condition by arranging to put these on timer.  We will turn off any air-conditioners left on during the day as the apartments do not take long to cool down thanks to our lovely double-brick cavity walls.  Please let us know via your Preference Sheet what time you would like your timer set for. 

We also like to line-dry any linen or other items where possible with the added bonus that they are nice and fresh and smell great!




Charters Towers is currently only able to recycle anything with the 10c sign on.  Hopefully this will improve with time!


Wildlife Preservation & Encouragement


Wildlife growth and sustaining existing populations are also a primary endeavour of team Kernow, with the vegetable garden underway (it’s going to take some time!) and with the lagoon under construction to provide a suitable attraction to birds and many other types of wildlife.

Fertilisers and sprays are used minimally over the grounds.


A Greener Future


At Kernow we are continually looking at more ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and for sustainability methods that help with environmental issues. Moving forward we are looking to ensure our greener attributes span to all aspect of our property management from eco-friendly cleaning products to disposables used within the apartments. There is only one earth so let’s look after her.


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