Sky Blue Pink

Mon 28 Feb:  Just managed to delete everything I had just written (I blame the cats wanting to be fed), but probably a good thing as it was a bit of a rant about a certain megalomaniac with Freudian issues who needs a sorting out.  How can one person destroy so many lives.  But then Hitler did it and by the time we cottoned on it was too late.  Where to from here?

Seems that not many people are familiar with the term Sky Blue Pink but we used to get skies in the UK which were both blue and pink like today’s photo.  I haven’t seen it here much (as we normally get the rich red and orange skies) so today I had to capture it.

On rather more trivial issues, the heat here is just oppressive and we have a few more very hot days to look forward to (41 degrees) before finally getting some storms (which for me is rather more scary due to the potential for lightning strikes and wind damage).  The smaller plants, and those awaiting transplant from smaller pots, have had to have a twice-daily watering to keep them happy.  Must get our irrigation sorted, but there is still a lot of work to be done in preparation.

We heard nice things the other day – one company who sends guests here regularly, actually posts photos of our accommodation on their noticeboard along with details of a job post to the town to entice people to come here (apparently it was a tough posting otherwise!). How nice is that!  Thankfully it works, and we’ve had some lovely people stay with us.

I met my first Australian earthworms the other day when I was clearing weeds.  I didn’t think we had any as the ground is abysmally hard, and had looked up ordering them online (yes, you can do that!), but seems we have a fair few.  Let’s hope they stick with us as we badly need them.

Night folks.  Thinking of you all in the Ukraine.