History of Kernow Charters Towers

Set in beautiful rolling grounds of 200 acres, Mosman Hall was a large psychiatric hospital built on the outskirts of the town. Opened in 1954, the wards and administrative buildings were soundly built using materials and designs so reminiscent of the era that a visitor can step back in time.

In redeveloping the existing buildings every effort has been made to retain as much of the original structure and materials that current techniques allow, resulting in apartments with high ceilings, quirky designs and beautiful wooden floors.

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Charters Towers Street View

Why Kernow?

Kernow is the Cornish word for Cornwall, the county in the south west of England well known for its history of mining. Charters Towers was well represented by the Cornish during the gold rush, and their influence in the techniques and equipment used in the mining process was fundamental to its success. Some of the boilers at the Venus Battery are based on Cornish designs.

The name of Charters Towers is popularly believed to originate partly from the Cornish word “tors” which described the rocky outcrops seen in the region.

Being a Cornishman, the developer is keen to celebrate the role his forebears played in the city’s development and hopes to create an experience to be enjoyed by all, Cornish or otherwise!

The Property Today

The refurbishment of our first 15 apartments has been the first step towards the creation of a lifestyle development, with more apartments being developed  in the opposite wing and in other existing buildings in the near future. Apartments will be privately owned but will be utilized as serviced apartments or ‘aparthotel’ accommodation.

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Plans for the Future

In tandem with the addition of further apartments a gym and spa are planned, together with a multi-purpose hall which may be used for private-hire for dancing, training, parties and other general events.

A phased development will see purpose-built new homes designed for young people through to retirees, with land blocks being made available along the boundaries of the property.

We are also working together with potential joint venture partners on a number of projects for the property, including the installation of solar power a small distillery, and of course the construction of our beautiful crystal-clear lagoon commences around July 2017. We are always willing to look at new ventures for the property and any interested parties should visit our Investors page or contact us directly for more in-depth details of future phases.