Kernow Hosts Phillip Rosenow – Organ Donation Awareness

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Phillip Rosenow’s life was transformed when, as a result of a chronic illness, he received a life-saving kidney transplant in 2006, thanks to a generous organ donor. He’s committed to giving back in his own unique way by organising this massive ride that will take him from the very south of Tasmania, via Alice Springs to North Queensland, then returning to Victoria along the East Coast.

Phill will now combine his love of riding and his passion for raising awareness by sharing his story, to encourage more Australians to register as organ donors.  He will be holding ‘Come Join Me’ ride days along his planned route where other riders from across Australia can join him along the way to take part in the mammoth trip to help more Australians receive their own life-saving transplant.

Kernow will be putting Phill up for the night on Monday 19th June.  Follow his progress on Facebook:  Be A Hero, Donate Life, Motorbike Ride.